Drop Complexity. Drive Productivity.

Introducing Notion - an all-in-one workspace that has transformed the way small business owners plan, collaborate, and get organized online.


Business in Notion is a 3rd party consultant service run by Notion partner Jonathan Stewart to help you get ​your Notion account setup as fast as possible.

Find out what people say...

I wish I'd talked to you about all this productivity stuff ages ago. Was feeling massively overwhelmed by all the ideas in my head and wondering how to share them but using Notion is helping me get much more organised!

Jo Rhodes

Homeopath & Founder of Settle Community & Business Hub

Yesterday using it (her notion membership system) to give feedback to people was dream! I had multiple chats in the comments on the got at the same time with different members and it was so easy to keep track of everything

Laura Robinson

Internet Wordsmith (Copywriter) and owner of Worditude

Simplify your Notion

All-in-one management platform for small businesses.


Replace up to  14 tools and save up to $5000 per year in costs.  


Create repeatable systems, that are available at a click of a button.


Collaborate with your team easily and efficiently. Freeing up your time!


With systems optimized you can scale your clients up to 400%

Learn More About Notion

Learn how Notion can make your life easier!

Notion is the 1st all-in-one workspace with complete freedom in mind! Replace up to 14 tools with one single app!

You can save up to $5000 per year, with this one app!

Imagine being able to:

  • Use one app for everything!
  • Replace Google Docs, Evernote, Trello, Asana easily!

As an independent content producer and small business owner, you have a lot of information that you need easy access to. 

Imagine being able to: 

  • Have multiple views, for one set of data
  • Plan online courses, youtube videos with one click!

Your notion account is customisable to your business and your growth. Don't settle for a tool you'll outgrow within a few years

Use one tool, that is nimble and adapts to your workflows

  • Design templates that automate your workflows!
  • Design systems that grow with your business!
  • Design and build a modular tool that works and adapts to changing business needs!
  • And did I mention it replaces up to 14 tools? (not sure if I did)

This sounds too good to be true...what's the catch?

The best and worst thing about Notion is it's freedom. To build a complex system can take hours of work, unless you know how. Notion provides a selection of amazing templates, however the best systems are customised to you. So if you're interested in seeing how I can support you in your business. Let's talk!​

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